Be Free

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Let’s make our own choices and live the lives we chose!! Here’s to free will and the power of the people. ❤ and happiness to you all on your journey of self! 

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An old system with a new flare!



Let’s take a look at our socioeconomic system and ask yourself is it working for you? We say there IS an alternative! 

Homesteading and living off the land is not just something from the past but rather a sensible, dignifying and viable option for the future”
~Anneli Carter-Sundqvist

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Gemini Life Surfers ~ Feed the People tour

Feed The People Tour


We are heading to the West Coast again very soon… And this time we will be feeding people fresh local food for free along the way.  We are on a journey to live in a green and sustainable home.. So we bought a bus and now we need to get it outfitted with solar and a veg diesel system.   We left our 3 story house in January 2014, and have been on the road for the last 8 months. As we travel around seeing friends and meeting new people, there is a theme we keep coming across… Most people are having a hard time surviving, feeding their loved ones high quality food, and they have discontentment with the educational and political systems in the US.  We are carving out an alternative path and intend on sharing what we find and create.

Have a beautiful day 🙂

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Life Surfing our way across the the USA!

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We are focusing our lives on helping ourselves (and others) to create sustainable options for a deep, nutrient rich, happy, experience full, and abundant lifestyle. We are committing to living on the road in our tiny home ( a 1988 Blue Bird school bus), traveling the US while we continue converting our bus into a solar & veggie diesel powered, self sustaining, rock climbing bundle of awesomeness!  Please join us in the journey as we explore life, our country, people, farms, food, adventure, nature, human communication, education and much more!

In creating a sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle for us that is kind to the planet, people and animals… We have 3 main areas of focus:

1. Sustainable living – “Going as Green as Possible” … Solar, Veg Diesel, Wind, Rainwater, Tiny Home, Simplifying.

2. Living Life Full – “Extreme Family Adventuring” …We are a group that like to push our physical and mental boundaries, making adventure blogging a perfect match for us.

3. Helping others with our gifts… Feeding and Educating Americans with local, farm fresh, and organic food for free.

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The dumbing down of America’s youth (part 2)

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What would our country look like if we educated first based simply on the idea of teaching children to love learning? Really focus on a desire to learn. Gave them every tool they need, so they can explore what perks their interest.  Those interests will change over time, the child grows…This is natural.  They question everything; children are made to learn… we are made to learn as a species! Since we don’t need a world full of people with the same skill sets (we need specialization), why do we educate that way? Why do we wait until college to give any real choice of curriculum, by then one’s ability to decipher what really interests them is so dumbed down, it’s almost lost.  It is a false thought to think money is the issue…That is only an illusion. It doesn’t need to cost more to educate this way.

When a child is ready for himself or herself to learn math ( i.e. they have a true need in their desire function to learn it), an average person can could learn basic math in less then one year with an hour or two of dedication each day.  IMAGINE, not fighting with your kids over math homework, because they actually like to do it instead of 6 years of memorizing adding, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  I mean really, does this make sense?

I can remember daydreaming all the time about being done with high school so I could finally learn what I wanted to, this was in 6th grade. I have been an entrepreneur my whole life, looking back I can think back to countless examples of it… But that passion wasn’t cultivated in me until I was well into college. I was lucky enough to grow up in Amherst, MA: a place I believe is a mecca for powerful, intelligent, open mined teachers that cared about learning.  So, I was able to learn to think for myself… Something that is lacking in most school districts these days.

We need to listen to the questions they are asking… If we provide our youth with the answers and the resources to learn about what interests them they can excel in these areas. As they grow those interests will grow too, more complex questions and learning will come.  Have you tried to do project when your heart wasn’t in it? For me it always takes longer to complete a task when I don’t really want to do it.  Simply put, it’s most efficient to teach based on what is desired to be learned.

To be continued…Next time we will talk more about how it will benefit ALL of us to see this change occur.

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The dumbing down of America’s youth (part 1)

(2009-04-01 21-51-33)NIKON CORPORATION NIKON D3000 (3872x2592)

When I was a kid we were made to learn cursive, do long math, use a physical dictionary and memorize spelling lists for years, and years, and years…the technology wasn’t available to rely on spell check or typing in general (far too much lack in portability at the time)… I mean really, desktop computers were actually the size of desktops and they were a mere blocky low-resolution reality at the time.  So, does that make it the best method for today’s children? Why would we subject our children to learning in such an outdated way? (That probably should be a rhetorical question…. with a big fat NO! attached.) A better question in fact might be, why are we still subjecting them to countless hours, make those years of needless study?

I want my children, our children (the children of our world) to have learning rich environments. Not the kind that creates discontentment, anger, and an ever-increasing population of medicated children.  The focus of the educational system currently in place hasn’t changed much since it was founded; yet our world has changed drastically. The daily lives and needs of our great grandparents are vastly different from our lives and the lives of our children.  It seems only reasonable to place different values on the style, variety, and techniques of our educational system based on our current reality. This is not to suggest that learning basic arithmetic, spelling and grammar should be forfeited, but rather given their proper place.  The biggest changes I currently see are art, gym, and music type classes being cut while common core classes are made out to be all the rage.

Sitting here thankful to have children who pushed the limits in school (and in life)…And said no we just can’t take it anymore! Because it wasn’t until they started dropping out that I realized I want to have no part of supporting such a dysfunctional educational system. Don’t take it the wrong way it’s not the teacher’s fault, there are AMAZING teachers out there, but they are also caught in the trap!

To be continued…Now that we have stated the problem, next time we will look at the solution set.   

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True believers, followers, supporters, and community…These are the words that inspired today’s tale.

come alive

Why do we write blog’s? Many reasons… To keep friends & family updated, make money, share gifts & talents, get an important message out there, find like minded people, create community and the list goes on. Why do people follow blogs? Many reasons…To stay updated, find like-minded people, community, find out what’s new/hot in the world, something to tantalize their senses, and again the list goes on.  As the writers, photographers, artists of many mediums, and as the creators… What is it we need to do most? We need to be authentic!

If all contributors to the World Wide Web stayed authentic, Google’s algorithms would no longer need to change. Let’s add some perspective here… If we think of the Internet as a series of towns & cities, with streets & houses, stores & post offices, a place where everyone in the world could be your neighbor… A place where you actually chose your neighbors, your education, your work, and art based on your true desires and nothing else.

Currently the internet is just a baby really… a network of small towns  & villages were people hardly know each other yet, and certainly not well enough for most to put their truth and rawness forward.  For now it is still viewed in linear form by most people. This is directly related to the newness of the incredible phenomenon that is the Internet. So don’t worry. The INTER-net(work) is just that, a vast interwoven fabric of wormholes to places far far away, for us to slide through, play, explore, learn, grow, and help each other & our planet live in abundance.  Imagine of the possibilities when we start talking about it on a multi-dimensional level.

Now that we have painted a picture of the Internet with a broader stroke… Let’s back-up to the concept of authenticity in our on-line reality and when that will happen. Well good news is, it has already begun (I mean beyond Facebook). When Google did algorithm updates Penguin and Panda, they started to support the shift away from being able to simply buy on-line credibility. The shift will take time like anything else, but more and more authenticity, transparency, and raw truth will be the future of what leads to high rankings, followers, supporters, and true community. We are the dreamers and storytellers, who’s with us?

Have a beautiful day 🙂


Super Moon

July 12, 2014

July 12, 2014

The super moon is so beautiful… This picture barely does it justice! (It has made it clear to me that we need a better lens/camera). Photography, nature, living on the road, ya a new lens is in order.  The moon glowed from bright orange to a deep red around the edges. It was something from a movie scene. The clouds continue to roll in and out like waves bringing in the tide. Ahhhh, breath it in and release. 🙂 

Sweet Dreams! 


This 93 year old knows about Life Surfing… A true pioneer!


I found the following on a friend’s facebook page, it filled me with resonation and had to pass it along:

women inspriation


“93-year-old Robina Asti, a pilot, WW II vet & transgender woman. She told me she approaches life– its ups & its downs– as a big adventure. And it just goes on…”

Life Surfing at it’s finest. 🙂 And might I say looking great for 93!