Life Surfing 101 (downsizing)

Downsizing is not easy at first (at least not for me)… But in the end it was so much fun!!

I was lucky to be doing this with someone who had left this consumer based society more than once before… He was there with inspiration and encouragement.  Now we can do that for you 🙂

Here is a list of the top five things I learned through getting rid of 95% of what we owned:

1. It’s ok to FEEL the process.

You held on for so long because it mattered to you, so it only stands to reason those feelings would pop-up when you want to let go.

2. It’s ok to say goodbye.

Simple and sweet or maybe a fire burning ceremony, it’s up to you 🙂

3. Giveaway.

Nothing made this feel better then seeing someones happy face when we gifted our possessions to them.

4. Sell, sell, sell.

Not a deal breaker, but money does help when you’re hitting the road.

5.Be thankful!

Thankful for all you have had, thankful for having something to share, thankful that you have less to move around and clean, thankful that you need to pay for less space (maybe a tiny house is in your future), and just thankful that you did this!

If there was a number 6 it would have to be don’t worry about not having enough…this is a world of abundance. It’s only the fear of lack that keeps us lacking. So let go of some stuff, live simple and downsize today!

Until next time 🙂


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