True believers, followers, supporters, and community…These are the words that inspired today’s tale.

come alive

Why do we write blog’s? Many reasons… To keep friends & family updated, make money, share gifts & talents, get an important message out there, find like minded people, create community and the list goes on. Why do people follow blogs? Many reasons…To stay updated, find like-minded people, community, find out what’s new/hot in the world, something to tantalize their senses, and again the list goes on.  As the writers, photographers, artists of many mediums, and as the creators… What is it we need to do most? We need to be authentic!

If all contributors to the World Wide Web stayed authentic, Google’s algorithms would no longer need to change. Let’s add some perspective here… If we think of the Internet as a series of towns & cities, with streets & houses, stores & post offices, a place where everyone in the world could be your neighbor… A place where you actually chose your neighbors, your education, your work, and art based on your true desires and nothing else.

Currently the internet is just a baby really… a network of small towns  & villages were people hardly know each other yet, and certainly not well enough for most to put their truth and rawness forward.  For now it is still viewed in linear form by most people. This is directly related to the newness of the incredible phenomenon that is the Internet. So don’t worry. The INTER-net(work) is just that, a vast interwoven fabric of wormholes to places far far away, for us to slide through, play, explore, learn, grow, and help each other & our planet live in abundance.  Imagine of the possibilities when we start talking about it on a multi-dimensional level.

Now that we have painted a picture of the Internet with a broader stroke… Let’s back-up to the concept of authenticity in our on-line reality and when that will happen. Well good news is, it has already begun (I mean beyond Facebook). When Google did algorithm updates Penguin and Panda, they started to support the shift away from being able to simply buy on-line credibility. The shift will take time like anything else, but more and more authenticity, transparency, and raw truth will be the future of what leads to high rankings, followers, supporters, and true community. We are the dreamers and storytellers, who’s with us?

Have a beautiful day 🙂



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