The dumbing down of America’s youth (part 2)

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What would our country look like if we educated first based simply on the idea of teaching children to love learning? Really focus on a desire to learn. Gave them every tool they need, so they can explore what perks their interest.  Those interests will change over time, the child grows…This is natural.  They question everything; children are made to learn… we are made to learn as a species! Since we don’t need a world full of people with the same skill sets (we need specialization), why do we educate that way? Why do we wait until college to give any real choice of curriculum, by then one’s ability to decipher what really interests them is so dumbed down, it’s almost lost.  It is a false thought to think money is the issue…That is only an illusion. It doesn’t need to cost more to educate this way.

When a child is ready for himself or herself to learn math ( i.e. they have a true need in their desire function to learn it), an average person can could learn basic math in less then one year with an hour or two of dedication each day.  IMAGINE, not fighting with your kids over math homework, because they actually like to do it instead of 6 years of memorizing adding, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  I mean really, does this make sense?

I can remember daydreaming all the time about being done with high school so I could finally learn what I wanted to, this was in 6th grade. I have been an entrepreneur my whole life, looking back I can think back to countless examples of it… But that passion wasn’t cultivated in me until I was well into college. I was lucky enough to grow up in Amherst, MA: a place I believe is a mecca for powerful, intelligent, open mined teachers that cared about learning.  So, I was able to learn to think for myself… Something that is lacking in most school districts these days.

We need to listen to the questions they are asking… If we provide our youth with the answers and the resources to learn about what interests them they can excel in these areas. As they grow those interests will grow too, more complex questions and learning will come.  Have you tried to do project when your heart wasn’t in it? For me it always takes longer to complete a task when I don’t really want to do it.  Simply put, it’s most efficient to teach based on what is desired to be learned.

To be continued…Next time we will talk more about how it will benefit ALL of us to see this change occur.

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