Life Surfing our way across the the USA!

map for doing our part tour copy

We are focusing our lives on helping ourselves (and others) to create sustainable options for a deep, nutrient rich, happy, experience full, and abundant lifestyle. We are committing to living on the road in our tiny home ( a 1988 Blue Bird school bus), traveling the US while we continue converting our bus into a solar & veggie diesel powered, self sustaining, rock climbing bundle of awesomeness!  Please join us in the journey as we explore life, our country, people, farms, food, adventure, nature, human communication, education and much more!

In creating a sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle for us that is kind to the planet, people and animals… We have 3 main areas of focus:

1. Sustainable living – “Going as Green as Possible” … Solar, Veg Diesel, Wind, Rainwater, Tiny Home, Simplifying.

2. Living Life Full – “Extreme Family Adventuring” …We are a group that like to push our physical and mental boundaries, making adventure blogging a perfect match for us.

3. Helping others with our gifts… Feeding and Educating Americans with local, farm fresh, and organic food for free.

Please consider helping us pay it forward… We want to do our part to change things for the better!!

Pay it forward here, it only takes a couple of minutes… Send to  Even few dollars will greatly help the cause, we will have a list of needs coming soon 🙂



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