Gemini Life Surfers ~ Feed the People tour

Feed The People Tour


We are heading to the West Coast again very soon… And this time we will be feeding people fresh local food for free along the way.  We are on a journey to live in a green and sustainable home.. So we bought a bus and now we need to get it outfitted with solar and a veg diesel system.   We left our 3 story house in January 2014, and have been on the road for the last 8 months. As we travel around seeing friends and meeting new people, there is a theme we keep coming across… Most people are having a hard time surviving, feeding their loved ones high quality food, and they have discontentment with the educational and political systems in the US.  We are carving out an alternative path and intend on sharing what we find and create.

Have a beautiful day 🙂

~ If you like what we are doing please consider helping us pay it forward with paypal…You can send support to






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