What do you do when life brings you waves?



Surf it!  This week has certainly brought us a lot of stormy waves and beautiful sun-shining light after the storms have passed. 2 hospital visits, emergency surgery, a wedding of 100 to cook for.   Stress came and went, everyone is on the mend and the wedding went off without a hitch! 

Deep breaths and constant self reminders that we would make it through helped to ease the stress and afforded us the ability to laugh and love our way through it all! Thanks to good friends, positive brave attitudes, and quality professionals to get the job done. a year ago I might have responded with fear, tears and anger. But this year Life Surfing has become a part of our reality on a cellular level.   Until next time 🙂   


What would you do?


no limit

” Sir, look, let’s be very simple. Suppose, if there were no book, no guru, no teacher, what would you do? One is in turmoil, confusion, agony, what would you do? With nobody to help you, no drugs, no tranquillisers, no organized religions, what would you do?” ~Krishnamurti

What would you do… 

Run? Laugh? Cry? Think? Sit? Make art? Contemplate death? Is there an answer? 

Live life, be thankful ! 






Food for thought!

god and wet paintThis is an interesting concept… Probably a true assumption…But what can we infer from said observation?   Why do we want to believe one over the other, what does this afford us? 

Well, the first offers possible answers to vast unknowns. The second usually stands in the way of some other behavior ( leaning on a wall, pushing a door open, sliding down a rail, etc.).  What else can we say about this comparison?