It’s been a while…

Let there be light

Well life hasn’t stopped…But it’s been a while since I blogged about much of anything. Life has in fact been abundantly full of rich experiences. I have tried to stay on top of our social media and give a little food for thought around the web…Wanting to stay connected to our community of resonate peeps.  It’s been a challenge but one I have greeted with gratitude, I needed the space. The time and space really, to whirl and twirl around in my head, my body and my feelings. A growth of consciousness, compassion and understanding has taken place.

There are many topics to discuss and play with: Our “Feed the People” tour, hunger, the climate, the wars, what the government is not doing, food, sustainability, travel, bus life, rock climbing, playing, really feeling, the power of learning, and education of self just to name some of them.  Even if we did nothing for the next 2 months I could write a blog everyday with new content…Just bursting with information to share.

For now I will leave you with a poem and a promise to write more soon!


Reality is made by me and you –

The whole world shifting

Changing and swirling

Whirling colors abound

Light as a feather

Floating and bouncing around

Meanings will change and so will I

Perceptions at the heart

Which side do you see

Nothing to loose

We are free to choose


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