What do you do when things don’t go as planned?

Vortex of Creation

If life hands you lemons, do you make lemonade? Or do you think beyond those lines, to the fact that there is no proverbial lemon in the first place. That maybe the challenge actually has the sweet taste of lemonade on a breezy summer day in and of itself or perhaps every taste in between.  That the resistance we feel can be celebrated equally with the same grace and gratitude as we show when life feels like it is flowing free. This is possible, not because I am a yogi or a meditation guru, but because I am witness to the benefits that said resistance offers in my life…Resistance has been one of the greatest motivators so far.

One day maybe our life forces and how to manifest our truest desires will flow freely with no resistance needed. But for now I will continue to transmute the pressure into a vortex of creation. As we did a year ago… After loosing a major contract. Clarity hit, it was time to step away from much of what we had known. We gave away 95% of what we owned, then left our home and got into our car with our 2 children and headed West. On that trip we bought a bus and discovered we want to live on the road. We spent much of the summer planning how to make this work and felt like we came up with a pretty solid plan.

But a series of events over the past 2 months have left us unable to head back West when we planned to ( financial issues make it too risky to hit the road right now, and even more impossible to help fund our “Feed the People” tour).  We are quickly approaching winter and our bus isn’t safe for the cold and especially cold and wet, which New England is made of. So what to do? Do we change our desires or values? Should we think, what are we doing this is bound to fail? Do we need to go back into mainstream society and get day jobs? Do we cry?

No! We will again make of a list of what’s important in our souls, what we want from life and for our kids… Then put it all together and see what comes out.  Quality food for our family, food culture, rock climbing, solar, sustainable habitat, art, open spaces, family style education, happiness, contentment….These ingredients have been added to the vortex. There is focus beyond the pressures and worries, there is a knowing.  A knowing that clarity is on the brink.  Ohhhhh, how I can hardly wait to see what this new baby looks like!!!

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