Oh, Florida…So thankful you exist


When the arctic blast takes over almost the entire United States what do you do? Well, if you’re us you reevaluate mid-tract, change your plans, turn around and head to Florida!  We had been planning our trip back out West since we left last spring. But When we got to Texas on New Years Eve and their local weather talked about snow and ice storms we pulled over and researched our options ( for 6 hours at the Beaumount, TX. McDonald’s off Rt. 10 utilizing their heat, hot coffee, free wifi and power outlets). At the end of our research it was clear we were Florida bound.

The Feed the People aspect of our tour would need to change a bit, given the laws in Florida (No Free Hot Food allowed), but that’s ok we are the creators! Solar is waiting for us in Arizona, but we can get that sent to Florida and add some more DIY to our ever evolving skill set list.  Rock climbing will also be limited, but hey life’s an adventure no matter what…So back to the drawing board we go.

See you all in Florida!

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