What’s next?

Puffer's Pond in Amherst, Ma

Puffer’s Pond in Amherst, Ma

We are finding our focus…Which means some changes of our website, blog content and reworking the work we have already done. Yes, this could feel defeating… But, it can also be transmuted into the energy we need to catapult our journey to the next level. We need the focus so people can find what we want to share, and it took building what we built to find that focus. So nothing has really been wasted, the energy and countless hours of web design, the abundance of brainstorming and content building is not a loss…. In fact it is our fuel to keep moving forward on define who we are as people and who we are in this great community we call the World Wide Web.

Continually educating ourselves and teaching our children to have a love of doing the same is at the forefront of our desires and daily activities. We try to find fun and hands-on ways to show them that learning is a life long process full of trials and triumphs. That we as humans can work together in harmony, we can follow our desires, and if when we do so the world of abundance and happiness opens up to us.  We have all fallen absolutely in love with Rock Climbing.  This sport is one of the greatest encouragers of personal strength and perseverance…Not to mention community and team work. Learning you can push past personal limitations only to soar…. And sure sometimes you fall, but usually there is someone there to catch you, and give a hand, a hug and some words of support.

We have had to wait for money so that we could make sure we are taking our children on the road with enough of a safety net…We have been fortunate enough to be back in our home area, bringing blessings of friends who became family. We have been kept warm and full of love, as we sit and wait to see what’s coming next.  It’s afforded us the time to marinate on what we want out of our next trip West and what we have to offer back to the world.

This year’s curriculum will continue to evolve as we move forward and grow…One thing we know for sure is it will include all of the following: Rock Climbing, Photography, Going Green, Cooking Sustainably & Giving Free Food,  Building our Web Community, Extreme Adventure, Writing, Reading and Art. We will be sharing the lessons we learn, the safe places we find to stay, sustainable options we figure out for feeding and educating our family on the road, and the process of how will make all of this happen.

Here we go!

Our newest passion has taken on a life of it’s own…Climb on!

Yes, this is what we do for fun, exercise and education… Climb on!!!

Gemini Extreme Adventure Team

Central Rock Gym

When it comes to rock climbing, Western Massachusetts has some very nice crags. Farley, Mormon Hollow, Rose Ledges, and Chapel Ledges to name a few. We spent the summer introducing ourselves to these and other top spots in the area. We met some great fellow rock lovers and fell in love with ease of accessibility and the variety of routes available. But what is a climbing junkie to do when it rains? Or when you can’t make it out to one of the local ledges? Central Rock Gym in Hadley Ma has the answer.

Check out the rest of our story at the Extreme Bucket List 🙂


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Does it matter why our government doesn’t really help us to make healthy choices?

I’m starting to come to terms with the fact that we have to make our own choices and that our government isn’t really here to protect us, and aren’t to be trusted in terms of what they say is healthy and what is ok to consume… In fact most of the decisions made are to benefit big corporations or the richest sectors of our population. Even when choosing an alternative life style, listening to my intuitions, and living the changes we want to see….It is still a challenge because it is almost impossible to affordably source the products and sustainable choices we want to make. We will journey on!


It’s been a while…

Let there be light

Well life hasn’t stopped…But it’s been a while since I blogged about much of anything. Life has in fact been abundantly full of rich experiences. I have tried to stay on top of our social media and give a little food for thought around the web…Wanting to stay connected to our community of resonate peeps.  It’s been a challenge but one I have greeted with gratitude, I needed the space. The time and space really, to whirl and twirl around in my head, my body and my feelings. A growth of consciousness, compassion and understanding has taken place.

There are many topics to discuss and play with: Our “Feed the People” tour, hunger, the climate, the wars, what the government is not doing, food, sustainability, travel, bus life, rock climbing, playing, really feeling, the power of learning, and education of self just to name some of them.  Even if we did nothing for the next 2 months I could write a blog everyday with new content…Just bursting with information to share.

For now I will leave you with a poem and a promise to write more soon!


Reality is made by me and you –

The whole world shifting

Changing and swirling

Whirling colors abound

Light as a feather

Floating and bouncing around

Meanings will change and so will I

Perceptions at the heart

Which side do you see

Nothing to loose

We are free to choose

Feed the People



Our first Feed the People event was amazing!! Beautiful to see children, adults, parents, bikers, road workers, teenagers, hungry people, supporters, musicians, women and men all together, all one for a purely spectacular food fest!  We gleaned vegetables from quality farms and the farmers’ who put their love, energy and breath into their crops. We collected gifts from area businesses that we gave back to those in the community that came out to support our journey and enjoy good food…support from the community came in dollars meant for rice, fuel help, plates, and water…Paying it forward and helping us to get on to the next town and free meal. 

Much more to come on this magical day…But for now remember some are only one meal away! 


A very special thank you to:

The Kitchen Garden

Mt. Snow

Chez Albert

Wheeler Farm

Boyd Farm

Steiger Farm




What do you do when life brings you waves?



Surf it!  This week has certainly brought us a lot of stormy waves and beautiful sun-shining light after the storms have passed. 2 hospital visits, emergency surgery, a wedding of 100 to cook for.   Stress came and went, everyone is on the mend and the wedding went off without a hitch! 

Deep breaths and constant self reminders that we would make it through helped to ease the stress and afforded us the ability to laugh and love our way through it all! Thanks to good friends, positive brave attitudes, and quality professionals to get the job done. a year ago I might have responded with fear, tears and anger. But this year Life Surfing has become a part of our reality on a cellular level.   Until next time 🙂   


What would you do?


no limit

” Sir, look, let’s be very simple. Suppose, if there were no book, no guru, no teacher, what would you do? One is in turmoil, confusion, agony, what would you do? With nobody to help you, no drugs, no tranquillisers, no organized religions, what would you do?” ~Krishnamurti

What would you do… 

Run? Laugh? Cry? Think? Sit? Make art? Contemplate death? Is there an answer? 

Live life, be thankful ! 






Food for thought!

god and wet paintThis is an interesting concept… Probably a true assumption…But what can we infer from said observation?   Why do we want to believe one over the other, what does this afford us? 

Well, the first offers possible answers to vast unknowns. The second usually stands in the way of some other behavior ( leaning on a wall, pushing a door open, sliding down a rail, etc.).  What else can we say about this comparison?